VILLAGES of Rhodes Island

Main square of Afandou on island Rhodes - Greece

One of the largest and oldest villages of the island, Afandou is a very lively Greek holiday settlement 19 km from the Rhodes city and only 5 km away from the crazy Faliraki village.The name comes from the word"afando" ("hidden" in Greek), reminding of the old pirates times, when the village was built in such a way not to be seen from the sea.The main highlight of Afandou is the amazing 18 hole golf course with the famous Donald Harradine signature.Pick the local funny little train that will take you from the main square, where all the action is taking place, am...|

A Church in village Apolakkia on the island of Rhodes - Greece

Apolakkia is a very small and quiet village very close to Lindos, following the road from Gennadi to Vati, 92 kilometers away from Rhodes city. The village looks like built inside a ditch, and this is where its name comes from ("lakos" in Greek means ditch). From the very beginning, you feel like stepping into charming old post-card - small traditional houses with tile-roof, old windmills, and quiet monasteries.The magic of this place comes from the beautiful Apolakkia Lake with its impressive dam. The village beach invites you to swim in the deep blue waters an...|

Archangelos Rhodes from the hill

The picturesque village of Archangelos lies on the eastern coast of the island, south of the City of Rhodes.You will be charmed from the moment you leave your car and get into the distinctive atmosphere of the cozy narrow streets, of the small and colorful old houses and squares.When you will get to meet the inhabitants of Archangelos, always so kind and friendly, still using their local special idiom - this is when the charm of this village will steal your heart forever.You will be delighted to discover that in Archangelos people are still faithful to their loc...|

Church of Asklipios on island Rhodes Greece

Hidden in the mountains, the village of Asklipios or Asklipii (from the medicine school of Asklipios) has an amphitheater shape, climbing the hill to surround a medieval castle. It lays on the southeastern coast of the Rhodes Island, 64 km from its capital, Rhodos town.When you are walking on the narrow alleys of Asklipios, stay prepared for a medieval thrill to overwhelm you, getting closer and closer to the Asklipio Castle, built by the Knights in the 13th century. When you'll rich the plateau, the sensation is simply unique, as your eyes will embrace an endle...|

One of the colorful houses of Embonas on the island of Rhodes - Greece

Embonas is the highest village of Rhodes Island, situated at over 800 metres altitude, south of the Rhodes city.Up there, in the mountain of Attaviros, the village was kept completely unspoiled, like a cocoon - the inhabitants still wear local costumes, traditions are kept with conviction and, like every piece of heaven, Embonas is also blessed with one of the best wines on earth.The village attracts especially during the wine festivals in August, when, besides the various artistic manifestations, you have the unique occasion to taste the "matsokofti", a must-je...|

One road to the beach of Faliraki in Rhodes- Greece

If your summer holiday means beach, fun and great nightlife, then Faliraki is definitely your spot!Frequently compared with other Mediteranean party resorts like Agia Napa and Magaluf, Faliraki is the primary beach resort of the Rhodes Island. The village lies on the northeastern coast, about 14 km south of the town of Rhodes and boasts hotels of any range, from cosmopolitan ones to small and family owned, as self catered apartments and rooms to let.The beach at Faliraki is undoubtedly one of the best in the whole island, sandy, 4 km long, extending on the whole...|

Tree at the church of Gernnadi in Rhodes - Greece

With a fairly long beach, a peaceful atmosphere, but also with the liveliest beach parties in Rhodes, Gennadi has everything "in house" for the perfect holiday. Situated in the south of the Rhodes island, 60 km from its cosmopolite capital, Gennadi is a small village where you can relax and enjoy at maximum your holiday under the sun of Greece.Separated from the beach, the village lies along the main road, with sprinkling tasty tavernas, small hotels, room to let and lovely villas. It is not at all difficult to find your perfect spot to work on your tan, as many...|

Road next to the beach of Ialissos in Rhodes Greece

Ialissos is the perfect place if you are looking for a nice swimming and surfing spot, with excellent tourist facilities. Situated in Trianta bay, the resort is only 8 km from the attractive Rhodes city and just nearby the popular Ixia.Everything in Ialissos is highly organized - a long and clean beach, with swimming pools and chilled gardens just behind, some of the best hotels in Greece, with tennis courts and lots of facilities, restaurants, cafeterias and bars, tourist shops selling souvenirs and supermarkets.You can accommodate in one of the numerous luxuri...|

Church of Isrios on island Rhodes Greece

When looking for a small oasis of Greek traditions in fantastic surroundings, than definitely you have to find your path to the village of Istrios. Situated on the South of the island of Rhodes, 85 km from Rhodos city, this authentic Greek settlement will bring you more closely to the nature and traditions then you've ever been.Istrios is located in a paradise of olive groves, vines and pinewoods, in the area of Apolakkia Dam, and only few kilometers away from the farming village of Profilia. This area is actually a shelter of wild life, protected by "Natura 200...|


When you pack for your holidays in Ixia, think comfortable, modern and peaceful, because you are going to a cosmopolitan resort, often characterized as one of the most beautiful places of the island and even in Greece. Ixia lies in the southwestern coast of the island, between Ialissos and the romantic city of Rhodes, 6 km away.You will find the perfect relaxation here, on the superb beach with clear and amazingly blue waters, surrounded by the green calm hills.Ixia bay has a privileged geogr...|

One small Church of Kalathos on island Rhodes Greece

If you are looking for a sun-drenched getaway, a big slice of Greek hospitality and your own quiet spot on the beach, Kalathos village is definitely the ideal place for your holiday! Part traditional village, part small resort, Kalathos is located halfway down the east coast road, right in the middle of the eastern part of Rhodes Island, 45 km from Rhodes city and only 6 km from the bustling nightlife of Lindos.Ten minutes from Kalathos you will discover the clean and peaceful 4km Masari beach, a mix of sand and pebble, always extending, so you'll always be able...|

A paradise of unspoiled nature, fresh pine-scented air and a real bite of the authentic traditions of Greece, Kalavarda village welcomes you on the western coast of the island of Rhodes, only 30 km south from its capital, the cosmopolite Rodos city. Are you a mountain passionate? The imposing Profitis Ilias peak guards the complete privacy of Kalavarda village, and invites you for a hiking session or mountain biking among its lush pine trees woods - you might get lucky to meet a deer.Book your accommodation in one of the cozy and cheerful apartments run by alway...|

A small road of Kalithies in Rhodes Greece

The traditional coastal village of Kalithies is the place to discover a big slice of Greece history in the island of Rhodes. Situated on the eastern side of the island, 13 km from Rhodes city and only 2 km away from the crazy Faliraki, this charming village nestles lovely monasteries (agias) and a cave proving the first traces of humans and their evolution in Rhodes. Along with Koskinou and Psinthos villages, Kalithies form the Municipality of Kallithea.Walking along the narrow alleys and numerous monuments, you will be surprised to find out they are actually da...|

Map of the island of Rhodes - Greece

Are you looking for a pampering holiday, with plenty of relaxation and all the best facilities at your fingertips? Kalithea is definitely your spot! Developed around a natural Spa, with great quality hotels along the shoreline, a huge dash of history just around the corner in Kalithies, the romantic Rhodes city in the North and the booming nightlife of Faliraki a short taxi ride away, Kallithea has everything you need for a perfect holiday.Check-in your beach hotel, enjoy the blissful sea view from your room window, then get into the leisurely tempo of the Rhode...|

View on Kameiros in Rhodes - Greece

Kameiros (Kamiros) is a must-visit if you are a history and archeology passionate! Situated 30 kilometers western from the romantic city of Rhodes, this ancient town has a great historic importance in the Dodecanese complex. Kameiros (Kamiros) was one of the three large Doric powerful cities of the island, which in the 5th century B.C unified with Ialyssos and Lindos. to form the powerful state of Rhodos.Exploring the Hellenistic ruins of Kameiros (Kamiros), discovered in 1929, you will find out the town is often referred to as the "Greek Pompey", as nobody know...|

Consider Kiotari the ideal spot for your Rhodes holiday if you are looking for complete relaxation in a cosmopolitan and modern environment, with plenty of hotels offering full touristy facilities, and an almost private beach.The resort is situated 60 km southern to the city of Rhodes, on the eastern coast of the island, only a short drive away from the picturesque village of Lindos.You will simply love working on your tan on the gray-sandy beach, very well organized, swimming in the clear blue waters, or having fun trying your hand for the water sports. Why not...|

Road to the beach and the hotels of Kolimpia in Rhodes - Greece

Think of a lovely beach between the appealing blue sea and the imposing mountain of Tsambika, think of water sports, think of complete pampering, relaxation and a lovely tan - Kolimbia is everything you ever wish for your holiday!On the northern coast of the island, 26 km away from the beautiful Rhodes city, this peaceful, not-crowded resort is the essence of the Dodecanese Islands holidays.You will feel immediately attracted by this amazing place where everything harmonizes - even the hotels were designed to blend with the landscape, with their palm sprinkled g...|

One of the colorful houses of Koskinou on the island of Rhodes - Greece

Koskinou offers the opportunity to experience the traditional village life, with great dash of history and a wide choice of activities just a short drive away. Located only 6 km away from the city of Rhodes, the village took its name from the former occupation of the inhabitants, who used to manufacture sieves ("koskina").Today, Koskinou is one of the best family vacation spots in the island of Rhodes.At the very first sight, the village is not particularly impressive - it is only when you will get into the labyrinth of narrow streets and you will find your path...|

Old City Hall of Kremasti in Rhodes - Greece

Kremasti offers you the facilities of a modern resort along with an authentic piece of traditional Greek life.Situated 12 km southwestern to the city of Rhodes, the village is actually one of the biggest settlements of the island, attracting its visitors especially because of the long sandy beach as well for Valley of Butterflies nearby.Your will love swimming in the deep blue waters and relax on the well organized beach extended 10 km along the western coast. Your little ones will splash safely in one of the beach hotel pools, and you can have a great time tryi...|

Kritika is a small village right near Rhodes city, in its western side, considered often one of its suburbia, this being the reason why Kritika is not treated separately in the travel guides.Book your cozy apartment at one of the Kritika village comfortable complexes, to be always in touch with the amazing attractions of the sophisticated capital of Rhodes island. Kritika village reveals you the secret of one of the best organized beaches in north Rodos. Work on your tan under the friendly sun of Greece, on a comfortable sun bed, relax or take a nap under a colo...|

Near the square of Lardos in Rhodes - Greece

There are only two things to have in mind when coming to Lardos
• the idyllic Lardos beach and
• the traditional village,
and they will work together for your perfect holiday in the island of Rhodes!
Surrounded by green groves and fields, Lardos lies 7 km south of Lindos, in the south-eastern side of the Rhodes island. Get lazy and find your perfect relaxation on the picturesque sandy Lardos beach, or try a snorkeling session in the clear waters of the Aegean - in the open sea, the coast surpass 4 km in depth, almost the deepest t...|

Lindos | Rhodes Island | Dodecanese | Greece

Only 55 kilometers away from Rhodes city lies Lindos - one of the most popular and picturesque villages of Rhodes island.Lindos will give you the feeling that you are walking into a painting - a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, small white houses climbing the hill to the Acropolis, breathtaking views from the cliff top, medieval walls, simple architecture, with wonderful black and white "chochlaki" pebbled floors and painted ceilings.Add the lovely mélange of the Roman, Turk, Italian and Byzantine influence on the local traditions and behaviors, and you will...|

When exploring the south of Rodos island during your sunny holidays, don't miss an afternoon visit to the picturesque Lothiarika Beach. Situated on the south-eastern coast of the island, 53 km south of the romantic city of Rodos, Lothiarika beach will surprise you like an oasis of peace on the way between Lardos and Lindos.Rent your comfortable sun bed, work on your tan and relax in the harmonious surrounding of Lothiarika beach - the crystal blue waters of the Aegean, the wet pebbles shimmering in the sun of Greece, and the azure of the clear sky. Lothiarika be...|

The old police station of Mololithos in Rhodes - Greece

Guarded by an imposing medieval castle, Monolithos is a small and charming village lying in the southwestern coast of the Rhodes island, 73 kilometers from the city of Rhodos. Its name reminds of the giant isolated rock ("lithos" in Greek) the Castle is built on, watching over the Dodecanese waters since the 15th century.The charm of Monolithos comes especially from its amphitheatre shape. The charming white stoned-houses with tile roofs and red geraniums, are climbing the hill to the medieval castle, so you have to stay prepared for a bit of hiking the traditio...|

School in Paradissi in Rhodes - Greece

Four reasons put Paradissi on the spot when choosing where to spend your holiday in the Dodecanese complex: first inhabited when the Knights' ruled the island of Rhodes, a very well-organized beach, excellent location only 16 km away from the cosmopolite city of Rhodos, and what makes Paradissi famous is actually the vicinity with Diagoras, the International Airport of Rhodes.Even the village's name is charming (paradise), deriving from the superb heavenly gardens with exotic flowers brought by Arabs. Also referred to as Villanova during the Italian occupation, ...|

Pastida | Island Rhodes | Greece

Everything about Pastida is traditional, idyllic and typical Greek. Located inland of the cosmopolite north of the Rhodes Island, only 15 minutes away from the sophisticated Rodos city, the village of Pastida is an oasis of Greece authenticity, surrounded by lush olive groves and citrus trees. Small whitewashed houses, tiny and narrow alleys, the traditional central square where locals gather in the traditional cafes to discuss about the world news every afternoon - Pastida is a quintessence of a typical Greek village life. Book the accommodation in a simple hot...|

Lazy days, easy time, long sandy beach - you are thinking of course about the hilly village of Pefki, one of the most beautiful and popular in Southern Rhodes. Only 3 km from Lindos, you can always combine the perfect relaxation in Pefki with an interlude of water sports and nightlife, or with a worthy ancient sightseeing in its much livelier neighbor village. There are pine trees all over the village and this is where actually its name comes from ("pefki" is the Greek word for "pines").Once in Pefki, you will think mainly "sand" and "sea". Free your mind, relax...|

If you are looking for an authentic Greek spot in Rhodos, set in superb surroundings, than welcome to Profilia, with its tiny white houses climbing the slopes of the Gerakas Mountain!Profilia is a very quiet and simply charming traditional village nestled in the south of the Rhodes Island, about 84 km away from its romantic capital, the city of Rhodes, between Laerma and Mesanagros villages.The narrow streets of the village guide your steps to the central square, where you can admire a beautiful church dedicated to Virgin Mary's birth, similar to all traditional...|

Reni Koskinou is the lovely sandy beach of Koskinou, situated 4 kilometers north of the village, on the north-eastern coast of the island of Rhodos, and very close to the romantic city of Rodos.Reni Koskinou beach is an excellent spot to spend a nice day under the sun of Greece with the whole family. The blue waters of Aegean are calm in Reni Koskinou, and your little ones will play safe while you relax on a comfortable sun bed. An excellent range of facilities will keep you busy all day long - try your hand at water sports, hide from the sun and relax wit...|

rhodes old Town | Greece

The Medieval Town is a living monument, an exquisite museum if you like, that has much to reveal to the visitor. Every corner, every street, every building has its own history, and so it is understandable that a \"guide\" will confine him or her self to the best-known sights. They will have time only for some key historical facts, leaving visitors, perhaps with the help of some more detailed or specific information, to discover by themselves, walking along the narrow maze of streets, a taste of the Old Town that we cannot give in the course of our short \"tour\".

Rhodes Town | Rhodes Island | Greece

When preparing for your Rhodes Island holiday, think of at least three days to spend in its capital, Rhodes Town, because you simply cannot help exploring here.Equipped with comfortable sandals, sun lotion, map, and of course, your camera, you are just ready to discover the history of this ancient town along with its beauty, because it is all around, everywhere you look.Rhodes is a must-go holiday for everyone, alongside with Venice - a flavored cocktail of romantic dash of history, long beaches, excellent shopping and explosive nightlife - actually the quintess...|

Church of the the mansion of governor Del Vecchi

If you're holidaying with your little ones, consider the green village of Salakos as one of the best spots in Rhodes.A place to combine the mountain with the sea, Salakos lies at the foot of Prophitis Ilias (The Mountain of Elijah) on the Northwestern coast of the island of Rhodes, about 38 km from its amazing capital, the city of Rhodos.You will find Salakos charming because of the natural springs with clear water, the main reason of the lush vegetation, the olive groves and vineyards completing the idyllic landscape.They also create a great environment for the...|

Have you ever thought of spending the holidays in a seaside resort and also have a small piece of the real Greek life?Than definitely, you found your spot - Theologos (Tholos), a special combination of a modern resort and a colorful village, situated at the northwestern coast of the island, at almost 19 km southwestern to Rhodes city.Add the magic attraction of the Valley of The Butterflies nearby, and you will obtain one of the most interesting places in the whole Dodecanese Complex.You can enjoy all touristy facilities offered by the resort, relaxing on its ve...|

Well hidden among pine woods and perennial olive groves, the picturesque village of Vati lays on the Southeastern coast of the island of Rhodes, 71 km away from its romantic capital - Rhodos city, on the direction towards Gennadi and Apolakkia. The name Vati actually means "crossing points" or "path".You will discover that life in Vati looks like time never passed over Greece. The village square nestles a small cafeteria, where every day locals put the world to rights, while drinking their traditional Greek coffee, of course, when they are not too busy playing c...|

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