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The small village of Pastida lie on the inner side of northern coast of Rhodes Island, Greece at a distance of about five kilometres from Trianta and ten miles from Rhodes Town.

Rhodes Holidays in Pastida will let you live the Greek culture and enjoy the traditions of Pastida. Here you will find fine buildings and some traditional Pastida Hotels, cafes and bars.

Pastida is a low profile resort and offers a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for relaxing. It is an unspoilt and uncommercialized village with easy access to Rhodes town and the airport.

One can meet the local people at the village cafes. People who need a break from stressful life find this place great for relaxing and socialising. There are a number of charming traditional shops, cafes, taverns etc in the village. Folklore shows are also arranged in the village from time to time.

When you come to Pastida, you can easily access both the beaches of Trianta and Kremasti. Pastida does not have its own beach but provides an easy access to the coast.

Finding good Rhodes Hotels to stay in Pastida is not a problem. In the small and narrow streets of Pastida along with some great taverns, cafes and bars you will also be able to find many Pastida Hotels. Living in one of these hotels lets you experience the true and simple Greek culture.

There is not much nightlife, nightclubs or great entertainment facilities but most of the hotels have their own in house facilities for the entertainment of the tourists and guests. You can book a room as well as a small apartment in the village. Staying at one of the Pastida Hotels will guarantee a peaceful and comfortable holiday.

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GARDEN hotel is a family-run business which offers a warm and clean environment at low prices. It is ideal for people looking for a peaceful and quiet
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