Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island - Rhodes
Rhodes Island

Lost in the heart of the blue Aegean infinity, right in the middle of the Dodecanese complex, the Island of Rhodes never ceases to impress and to attract every year thousands of visitors longing for sun and sea holidays, spiced up with the authentic friendly atmosphere of Greece.

Rhodes Island is an oasis of Greek authenticity in the middle of the fascinating Aegean!

Amazing in diversity, the Island of Rhodes is more than an idyllic getaway of Greece. You will be delighted to discover Byzantine wonders, romantic medieval castles guarding the island coasts, Turkish influences, lovely orthodox monasteries, Italian healing baths, layers and layers of Greek history reminding of all the years that passed over this superb island. People of Rhodos, from the fishermen in the small harbors along the coasts, to the merchants that knew how to benefit from the sea, all kept their friendly and open character, while the ancient Greek traditions were always followed and survived until today.

Always check the events schedule when you pack for your Rhodes holidays - you might have the opportunity to attend the colorful celebrations of the Agias (Saints), when locals gather with the visitors to celebrate the amazing life itself.

When it comes to accommodation, you are simply spoiled in choice in Rhodes Island!

From a fun family holiday, to an indulging-senses luxury break, from the honeymooners to the old but young-at-heart couples who know how to appreciate the authenticity of Greece, from the all inclusive systems of the giant properties on the beach to catering on your own in a cozy, cheap but cheerful apartment, Rhodes has a lot to offer for guaranteeing a perfect holiday.

Point the Rhodes Island on your travel map of Greece, and all your travel dreams will become reality!

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