Mythology Rhodes Island

The island of Rhodes was initially inhabited during the Neolithic age but very few things have been saved from that period. According to the ancient Greek mythology, when Zeus prevailed in the war with the Giants, he decided to distribute the earth among the gods of Olympus. Sun-god Helios, however, was absent when the distribution was taking place and no-one remember to include him in the drawing of the lots. When Helios returned from his duties complained for the injustice that had happened against him. Zeus then proposed that the drawing of the lots should be repeated, but Helios declined and asked, instead of that, to get the land that would rise from the sea. Indeed, at that moment, a beautiful lush green island emerged, that was until then hidden under the sea. Helios then scattered his sunrays all over the island and since then Rhodes is the brightest and sunniest island of the Aegean Sea.

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