Important Things to Inspect When Buying Used Houseboat

When you buy used houseboat, you can get many add-ons that were not originally installed. This is one of your advantages. The owner may have added such things and might have forgotten to include them in his resale price. Items such as electronics, dock lines, fenders, and furnishings, just to name a few. But you still have to consider some few things before you buy a used houseboat.

Written below are some tips and the vital things you need to keep in mind.

Consider first impressions. When you are looking at houseboats in Echuca, have a look at each boat beginning from the outside. Check for obvious things like faded, peeled, or chipped paint, unkempt dock area, and mildew on the carpets. If these little things are not well taken care of, this can imply that the bigger things are not taken good care of as well. On the other hand, if a boat appears to be well kept, this could mean that the owner really takes good care of it especially the more important things. The following are some outside parts of a houseboat which you have to inspect thoroughly.

a. Roof. Walk all around the roof of the boat. See if the gel coat shows signs of chipping or cracking. Also, check for signs of weak spots. These are signs of rotting wood, which could cost you a lot for repair.

b. Hull. Look for signs of corrosion if the boat has steel hull. Inspect the inside of the hull as well since many hulls can rust from the inside and out. With a flashlight, go down the hatch and check the insider of the hull. If replacement is needed, it can cost you a lot of money. If the hull is aluminum, inspect the joint welds for weakness like cracking. If the hull is fiberglass, look for stress signs like blistering or cracks.

c. Paint. Check for signs of fading, cracking, peeling, or chipping. Another easy and quick way to check if to wipe your hand over the paint. You may need to repaint anytime soon if there are a lot of paint left in your hand.

d. Carpet. Check the carpet. Check if molds are forming in the carpet. Also, check if the corners are curling. Curling and molds are the signs for the need of replacement.

e. Canvas. This is one of the most overlooked parts. You need to check the canvas for fading and wear. If the houseboat you are eyeing on has a lot of canvas, consider that replacement will cost you a lot of money.

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