How to Be Respectful of Your Host Country

With the advent of budget airlines, special promotions, packaged tours, and holiday package deals or any other place in the world, travelling has become a trend. The introduction and proliferation of special promos, packaged tours, budget airlines, and cheap flight tickets to Egypt, UK, Greece, or any other country made travelling a worldwide trend. Rich businessmen and low-budget backpackers can equally enjoy the benefits of travelling without denting their wallet. The travel industry made a bold and good move to offer affordable arranged tours. And this does not benefit them only, this gives everyone equal opportunities to discover the world. At the same time, the place’s tourism industry improves dramatically.

It’s always a case of yin and yang, so if there’s an advantage, surely there’s a disadvantage too. And that comes in the form of uneducated tourists trashing the place they’re visiting. It’s happened more than once before tourists trashing the place they’ve visited and offending the locals. And these types of tourists are definitely the unwanted.

Thus, as a visitor, you need to be responsible and respectful. Remember at all times that you are not in your home country, thus you are only visiting. It’s like visiting someone else’s home; as a visitor, you should be at your best behavior.

1. Dispose of your trash properly. Be mindful of keeping your surroundings clean. There are proper receptacles for your garbage that you’d be able to find along your way. If there’s no trash can in sight, tuck your garbage in your pocket or bag then dispose it properly when you reach your hotel.

2. Remember that not all countries believe the same things. A good example is holding your pinky, ring finger, and middle finger up and touching the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pointer finger to mean OK might be acceptable in your country. But there are countries who take that to mean as you’re offering to give them money or you’re asking for money. And when it comes to money, that gesture can be pretty offensive.

3. Never give unsolicited advice unless someone asks you for it. Which reminds me a foreigner I met once. Instead of shutting down his mouth, he ranted about the obsolete infrastructure and rattled of a string of unsolicited advice. He kept comparing the place to his country. Eventually, the other participants of the guide became so irked that they asked the tour bus operator to let him out the bus.

4. Do not deface the cultural property of local residents. That means, you should not take pictures of people, buildings, and artifacts when taking such photos are prohibited. Never wear inappropriate clothing when visiting churches, cultural havens, and business offices. Do not take away or vandalize anything. For all you know, what you’re defacing may be culturally significant.

5. It is advisable to learn a number of basic but important phrases in the language or dialect of the locals. Not only will you be able to come in contact with the locals but they will also appreciate it knowing that you made an effort to learn a small aspect of their culture, which is their language.

6. Treat hotel staff, waiters, drivers, sales clerks, and other service providers with respect. These people are doing their best to make your stay pleasurable. So tolerate small mistakes, praise them for a job well done, and be appreciative of their efforts.

So while taking pleasure in the top holiday destinations to Egypt, Thailand, Australia, or elsewhere, put your best attitude forward.

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