How to Be Respectful of Your Host Country

With the advent of budget airlines, special promotions, packaged tours, and cheap holiday deals UK or any other place in the world, travelling has become a trend. The introduction and proliferation of special promos, packaged tours, budget airlines, and cheap flight tickets to Egypt, UK, Greece, or any other country made travelling a worldwide trend. People from all income brackets can now have equal opportunities to travel. Lowering prices and making travel affordable to everyone is a bold but right move done by the players of the travel and tourism industry. And this does not benefit them only, this gives everyone equal opportunities to discover the world. This equally boosts both local and international tourism.

It’s always a case of yin and yang, so if there’s an advantage, surely there’s a disadvantage too. And that comes in the form of uneducated tourists trashing the place they’re visiting. It’s happened more than once before tourists trashing the place they’ve visited and offending the locals. No one wants these bad apples around.

This is the whole reason for the article; becoming a responsible traveller. Remember that you are not in your turf. Take it like you’re visiting a friend’s house where you will always be putting your best foot forward.

1. Never throw your trash anywhere. Be mindful of keeping your surroundings clean. There are proper receptacles for your garbage that you’d be able to find along your way. If there’s no trash can in sight, tuck your garbage in your pocket or bag then dispose it properly when you reach your hotel.

2. Note that the customs, beliefs, norms, and values that are considered normal in your country may be unacceptable or unethical in another country. For example, while giving flowers to your host may be wonderful gesture in your place, it’s actually a shocking and morbid gesture in Russia. The reason behind it is in Russia, flowers are only given at funerals. They believe that flowers are meant to invite death in.

3. Never give unsolicited advice unless someone asks you for it. Which reminds me a foreigner I met once. He was griping and complaining the whole time about the facility, he didn’t have a good word about it. He can’t stop comparing it to what they have in their country. Eventually, the other participants of the guide became so irked that they asked the tour bus operator to let him out the bus.

4. Do not deface the cultural property of local residents. That means, you should not take pictures of people, buildings, and artifacts when taking such photos are forbidden. Never wear inappropriate clothing when visiting churches, cultural havens, and business offices. Do not take away or vandalize anything. For all you know, what you’re defacing may be culturally significant.

5. Learn a number of rudimentary but important phrases in the language or dialect of the locals. That will enable you to connect and interact with them. Additionally, locals will appreciate it that you’re making an effort to learn a tiny aspect of their culture and heritage.

6. Treat vendors such as hotel staff, waiters, sales clerks, and drivers with respect. Remember that they are doing their utmost to make you happy and pleased with your stay in their own way. Smile at them, praise them for a job well done, and be grateful for what is handed to you.

So while enjoying the top holiday destinations to Egypt, Thailand, Australia, or elsewhere, be on your best behaviour.

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