Defeating Stress through a Fun Filled Holiday Getaway

A few months ago, I found best holiday deals online. I learned a life-changing lesson spending summer holidays. It all started when my boss approved my application of a one-week leave. It was a much needed break as I worked for about two consecutive years, hardly ever taking time off.

I was really overjoyed at the prospect of a long vacation. The stress of work really got me, and I can feel its effects. My blood pressure was constantly rising in a span of two years. Eating was the only way I could think of to cope with stress. I was always feeling peevish, constantly irritable and grumpy.

So, I took a plane and quickly set up for my vacation. Right after I got down from the planed, I went to my hotel in the coastal town of Calp, called home to let everyone know I was safe, purchased a map of the whole town and checked out my itinerary. Satisfied that everything went well as planned, I headed out to gorgeous Raco Beach.

There weren’t many people on the beach that day. The whole place wasn’t crowded, not too much noise and traffic. I was alone accompanied only by sound of the waves lapping the shores, the warm gentle breeze on my face, the warm rays of the sun and the magnificent view of the Penyal d?Ifac limestone outcrop. Such a perfect combination of factors can definitely melt my stress away. It definitely felt that way.

I was feeling very restless. Rather than letting go of myself, I continued to think about the things back home. What is happening in the office today? Will the reports be submitted on time to the other department heads? I was constantly thinking of family in the pink of health. Thinking about those who I left back home got in the way of de-stressing.

I almost believed that these thoughts will continue to stay with me, denying me of peace of mind, when a small shadow crossed my vision. Then I noticed a shadow crossing my face, a shadow that was coming from a little boy who was watching me with interest.

“Let’s play,” he invited me. Then I noticed a young lady seemingly watching the little boy. I correctly assumed that the woman was his mom.

I got up, picked up my beach towel and joined the kid. I had a sudden realization that compelled me to join the kid.

We then engaged in a game of frisbee. We had fun running and chasing after the frisbee or stumbling to catch it. Our peals of laughter could be heard all over the beach, and hearing the little boy’s giggles was very relaxing. When we go too hot from all that chasing and running around, we took to the waters and had a dip. Playing with the little kid took all my worries away.

All too soon, the woman called her child back. Then she approached me and said, “Thank you for playing with him. He was really tired about his math assignments in class, and I’ve been trying to ease it off him. But you did a better job than I did. Without another word, they left.

I smiled to myself. She don’t know that it should be me who should be thanking them. During this brief experience, I learned an important life lesson. Life is fun, but you need to allow yourself the opportunity to make it so.

At this time, I’m thinking about where to enjoy during my next holiday. Didn’t waste anytime, I went on ahead and was on the hunt looking for cheap hotel deals.

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