Be a Responsible Hostel Guest

Personally, I prefer staying in cheap hostels or bed-and-breakfasts rather than more expensive hotels and resorts when I travel to another country. Staying in a hostel or B-and-B not only slashes a huge chunk of my expenses for cheap holiday package deals, I also get a chance to socialize with like-minded people. Indeed, a significant part of the fun in travelling is sharing stories, partying, and eating together with other travellers.

We may be on the same page when talking about travel accommodations. Thus, in essence, you would need to observe proper social graces when staying in hostels. How come, you ask? Well, unlike a hotel where you can have your own private room and staff racing to pamper you, you are sharing a space with fellow travellers. Many hostels and B-and-Bs do not have staff to look after you, thus, you should be responsible in looking after yourself. Here are a few sure-fire ways to be remembered as “that awesome guy” rather than that “good-for-nothing slob who woke us up at 2 AM.”

1. Minimize noise as much as possible. It is perfectly alright to carry out normal conversations during the daytime. However, at night, usually around 9 PM and up, you should make every effort to minimize noise. Take note that people are trying to sleep or are already in dreamland. If you come in late, tiptoe to your bunk and don’t create noise. If you want to listen to music, use your headphones. If you expect calls or if you wish to use your cellphone as an alarm clock, turn off the volume and activate its vibration function. And if there is really a need for you to call someone in the middle of the night, take it outside.

2. Keep lights turned off. People who are sleeping don’t want to be startled by sudden, bright flashes when you turn on the room’s light. In addition, there might be someone in the room who can’t sleep with the lights on. Navigate your way in the dark by using the glow emanating from your cellphone screen or use a pocket flashlight.

3. Clean after yourself. Unlike a hotel, where it is fully-staffed with people who cleans up after you, in a hostel, there aren’t any. And there is no maid or mommy to pick up after you. Meaning, you only have yourself to rely on, thus you need to clean up after yourself. Thus, it would make sense to wash your own dishes after eating. And if you need to wash your clothes, make sure that the washer is good and ready for the next user. Do not leave the hostel with an unmade bed in the mornings. Throw your garbage in the waste bin rather than throw it anywhere.

4. In many hostels and low-budget accommodation establishments, a common refrigerator is provided for the guest. Never take any drink or food in there that does not belong to you. Be sure to label your things too.

5. When using the bathroom or toilet, be as quick as possible. Take a shower or do your thing then get out of there. Don’t do your skin care, fix your hair, or preen in the mirror in the bathroom. You can do these things in the room.

6. Remember that the dorm room is particularly for sleeping and a few activities that are done immediately before and after dozing off. So don’t use the dorm for drinking sessions, doing all your laundry, drying your laundry, smoking, or having conversations with fellow guests. Use the common rooms for such.

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