A Simple Lesson in Life from a Holiday Break

A few months ago, I found best holiday deals online. I viewed the vacation as a fitting reward for two years of hard work with barely a day off. I was granted to take time off from work for about a week, as my boss had agreed that I needed the break.

The prospect of going on a long vacation thrilled me. Work was really stressful and it was all getting on my nerves. For two years, my blood pressure went up. Eating was the only way I could think of to cope with stress. I was constantly grumpy and irritable, so much so that a tennis organization which I was a member of collectively decided to oust me out of the group.

I then packed my bags and headed off to commence my much needed break. I checked in the hotel in the coastal town of Calp, phoned home to tell my family I arrived safely, bought a map of the place, and reviewed my itinerary. Satisfied that everything went well as planned, I headed out to gorgeous Raco Beach.

It was off season and a weekend. It meant that the beach was deserted. There wasn’t much noise or activity. It was just me and the gentle waves crashing on the shore, the cool Eastern breeze on my skin, the comfortable warm rays of the sun, and the magnificent view of the Penyal d?Ifac limestone outcrop. These alone are enough to take the stress away.

But I felt that there was something wrong. Rather than letting go of myself, I continued to think about the things back home. I kept thinking about things in the office. Will the reports be submitted on time to the other department heads? Is there anyone in the family who got sick? Thinking about those who I left back home got in the way of de-stressing.

I was constantly thinking about home and instead of relaxing, all the more I got worried. Squinting, I saw a young boy, smiling at me sweetly.

“Let’s play,” he invited me. Then I noticed a young lady seemingly watching the little boy. I correctly assumed that the woman was his mom.

I got up, picked up my beach towel and joined the kid. For some reason, I thought it was an epiphany that strongly told me to join him.

We then engaged in a game of frisbee. We laughed as we ran, chased, and stumbled to catch the flying disc. Our laughter floated up the air, and suddenly, I felt relaxed and happy! When we had our fill of Frisbee, we went into the water to “ride” the waves. I had so much fun with the child that I completely forgot all my worries.

As midday came, the woman called her child. She thanked me for playing with her son. You see, he was really angry about his Math teacher last week, and I’ve been helping him to ease it off. She told me I did a great job at making her son happy. With a smile, she left.

I smiled to me personally. She did not know that it should be me who should be thanking them. During this brief experience, I learned an important life lesson. Life is fun, but you need to give yourself the opportunity to make it so.

I was already thinking about where to have fun during my next holiday. I am now back on the internet looking for best hotel guides.

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