Colossus of Rhodes – Just a Myth?

To make your holidays perfect, historic places are also of prime importance to visit. The historic Colossus of Rhodes is just one of them. It is located in the island of Rhodes. It was a giant statue of the god Helios and is also known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The discussion below would give you a better idea to conclude if the Colossus of Rhodes Island is a myth or a reality and to make your Rhodes Holidays meaningful.

History and People Associated with the Colossus of Rhodes

The history of the Colossus of Rhodes takes us back to the era of Alexander the Great, who died at an early age in 323BC. His early and untimely death gave him no time to name his successor and eventually resulted in a fight among his generals. Three of his generals ultimately ended up dividing his empire in the Mediterranean area.

Ptolemaic Egypt formed an alliance with Rhodes. Since then they took control over most of the eastern Mediterranean trade. Antigonus I Monophthalmus, one of the most important generals of Alexander was upset with the progress of Rhodes and its alliance. So in 305BC, his son Demetrius who was also a general invaded Rhodes with a huge army of 40,000 men but the city was well defended.

The statue of Colossus was built to celebrate their great victory against Demetrius men. Historic places, statues and monuments constructed in reference with a war attract a lot of tourists and that’s why Rhodes Holidays are famous among tourists all over the world.

Construction of the Colossus of Rhodes

The excitement of Rhodes Holidays gets even more when people get to know about the construction of this mighty staute which was supposed to be a daunting task. The statue was built by Chares who was a native of Rhodes. Chares was well known for his involvement in previous large scale statues constructed. His teacher who was a famous sculptor also constructed a 60-feet high statue of Zeus. The Colossus of Rhodes was built in 292BC.

The purpose of the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes was to celebrate the victory in war against Demetrius’s army. The Rhodians defended their homeland and the army of Demetrius was retreated as a result of that war. People of Rhodes sold all the equipment left by Demetrius in order to bear the construction expenses of Colossus.

The material used for construction of the statue included several stone columns and towers of blocks. The statue stood over a 50-metre high white marble pedestal. Irons beams and bronze plates were also used in the construction of the statue. The statue itself was over 30 meters high – one of the tallest statues of the ancient world. It took 12-years to complete this mighty statue.

Destruction of the Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes remained intact for 56-years only before it was brought down by a severe earthquake in 224BC. The earthquake broke it up and for about 800years the remains were left where it fell. It is said that in 654 AD, the Arab force under Muslim Caliph Muawiyah captured Rhodes and sold the relics of Colossus of Rhodes to a Jewish merchant.

In 1989, media claimed to discover the foundation-stones for the Colossus. However this claim has proved to be false. The Colossus of Rhodes does not exist anymore; but the Rhodes Holidays ideas struck to most tourists just to see the ruins of this terrific Wonder of the World.

Is Colossus of Rhodes just a Myth?

There is a question of some people if there was really a Colossus of this size or it is just a myth? This is because there are many views regarding the size and location of the Colossus of Rhodes.

It is said that the Colossus of Rhodes was over 30 meters high. It stood on both sides of the Mandraki Harbor and ships used to pass between its legs. Many illustrations show the statue astride the harbor and ships passing under it. On the other hand some people are of the view that the colossus existed in the Temple of Helios area.

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Top 5 things to do with kids at Rhodes Holidays 2010

Whenever we talk about a family holiday, children are always the “Centre of Attention”. Holidays in Rhodes would be one of the best to take you kids for recreation. Following are the Top 5 things that you can do with your kids at your Rhodes Holidays in 2010 or whenever you feel like going:

Aqua Park Faliraki:

Aqua Park Faliraki, situated on the Greek Island of Rhodes is rated as the largest water park of Europe. Attractions for children in this park include:

  • Trubicove Water Slides
  • U-ramp
  • Blender
  • Swimming Pools
  • Wading Pool
  • Artificial Waves
  • Pirate ship
  • Water Trampoline

All these attractions are very safe for children as a dedicated lifeguard is appointed for each activity in the Park. Entry ticket per adult is 20€ and 15€ per child. In the main season, opening hours of the park are 9:30 – 19:00 and timings in off seasons are from 9:30 – 18:00.

Medieval town of Rhodes:

Medieval town is situated on the north-east side of the island. It is one of the oldest inhabited towns of Europe and should be visited in your Rhodes Holidays. The highlights of Medieval town are the following architectures:

  • Mosques
  • Medieval Buildings
  • Oriental Motifs
  • Traditional Fountains
  • Byzantine
  • Gothic Churches
  • Cafeterias
  • Shops

All buildings above mentioned blend together to create a picturesque whole. Medieval town roughly has more than 2000 streets that simply have no name at all. The great palace of the Grandmasters, renovated by the Italians in 1940 is one of the best attractions of the town.

Aquarium – Rhodes town:

The Rhodes Holidays idea gets even better when we think about visiting the Rhodes Aquarium. The building of Rhodes Aquarium is not only a museum but it is also a well organized research centre belonging to the National Centre of Marine Research. It is a hydro-biological station with an aim to preserve and display the embalmed and living creatures of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Rhodes aquarium welcomes 200,000 visitors every year who admires the specimens of mollusks (gasteropods and cephalopods), anthozoa, echinoderms and a lot of species including crab and fish family.

For the interest of children, museum also exhibits various kinds of sharks, tooth whales, Mediterranean monk seals and turtles.

Valley of the butterflies:

The valley of the Butterflies is a scenic beauty and adds up to the enjoyment of your Rhodes Holidays. From June to September, it is home to the attractive and eye catching Kalimorfa butterflies. It is known as a Biotope unique in the world which is surviving untouched in its own dimensions. The river Pelekanos add to the beauty of the place which is fed by small but lovely rushing waterfalls.

It is a lush green valley and the site is beautifully arranged with stone steps, little wooden bridges and an uphill path which take us to the Monastery of the Virgin of Cleopatra.

Sound and light show:

Sound and light show is one of the best Rhodes Holidays attractions for children. This show is a kind of theatre with no actors but with sound (music) and light as its main performers.

This show started way back in 1961 and since then, the whole history of the Rhodes Island is narrated beautifully with music and light every day. A lot of children from all over the world get amused from this magnificent Sound and Light show.

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Where to stay in Rhodes Town – Rhodes Island

Rhodes Town

Being one of the large cities in Greek, Rhodes Town has become an economic and cultural hub of the south-eastern Aegean. With a rich-historical background, Rhodes Island is considered to be one of the most popular Mediterranean resorts.

Its naturally beautiful surroundings, crystalline waters, eye-catching sands and a number of beautiful tourist spots make your Rhodes Holidays more exciting. Similarly, its amazing infrastructure and wide ranging offers makes it a unique place to spend a fabulous holiday.

Medieval Town

The ancient City of Rhodes is comprised of about six-thousand inhabitants. It has various ancient walls in its surroundings that carry seven entrances. You entrance to the old city of Rhodes will lead you to the oldest populated town of middle-ages in Europe.

Its medieval infrastructure, conventional fountains, mosques, Gothic Churches and markets will for sure make your Rhodes Holidays a historic trip. Moreover, the unique interiors of its buildings, bedecked with precious treasures are no doubt worth-seeing. All this lively stuff makes perfect Rhodes Holidays Ideas.

Domus Studios

Situated in Apolonion 11, Rhodes Town, at a distance of 10-kilometers from the Airport, three-kilometers from the beach and port, Domus Studios, offers one of the most comfortable, neat and peaceful environments at a good price. The tidy, hygienic and comfy studios offer home like environment. You can also enjoy the facilities of Wi-Fi, air conditioning system, safe-box, and hair dryer. The hotel bar offers various drinks and mocktails.

Official Website:

Panorama Hotel

Being at a distance of 25-kilometers, 2-kilometers, 5-kilometers and 2-kilometers from the Airport, Beach, Port and Rhodes Town respectively, Panorama Hotel, provides very family friendly environment. The hotel provides furnished apartments, a very good restaurant next to the pool and evening events that will make your Rhodes Holidays memorably full of pleasures. For further queries, reservations and bookings, you can access their website as well.

Official Website:

Paris Hotel

You can find Paris Hotel quite near to the beach, port and Rhodes Town. It is located at a distance of about twenty-five-kilometers from the main Airport. So you will not be having any problem while booking a flight. The special thing about Paris Hotel is its location. It is situated in the old Rhodes town and frequent buses and taxies make it easy for you to visit the sightseeing places.

It is therefore the heart of Rhodes Island with luxury stuff, beautiful infrastructure & its interiors. The hotel has a beautiful garden with expensive trees. The bar adjacent to the garden serves great drinks. Almost fully-facilitated Paris Hotel offers peaceful environment and cooperative staff. You will for sure enjoy its high living standard.

Official Website:

Pearl Hotel

Pearl Hotel carries a strong motive of making your Rhodes Holidays a lot more fun and comfortable. It is located at a distance of 25-kilometers, 0.5-kilometer, 1-kilometer and Zero-Kilometer distance from the Airport, Beach, Port and Rhodes Town respectively. Pearl Hotel provides an interior of 38 comfy and fully furnished rooms. The rooms are accompanied with modern facilities and personal balconies to make your stay better. Pearl Hotel offers facilities of bar, café and internet to make your stay more pleasant.

Official Website:

My Conclusion

On the basis of above information, it can be concluded that paying visit or spending holidays along with your families on Rhodes Island is no more a dream now. You can enjoy your holidays in Rhodes to the best with affordable prices. So, just book your flight and enjoy the pleasures of Rhodes Island.

Book a flight today to spend your Rhodes Holidays with your family in one of the top hotels in Rhodes. The inimitable Hotels in Rhodes, keep everything what you desire for. Rather than getting disappointed, you will be making fun enjoyment during your stay in Rhodes.

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Where to stay in Medieval Town Rhodes

The great Island of Rhodes is an exciting place for having a perfect holiday. People from all over the world prefer to go for Rhodes Holidays for the recreational opportunities that it offers. This medieval town of Rhodes has a lot of beautiful hotels and resorts to serve the accommodation needs of the tourists. These hotel’s administration ensures that you have a perfect and comfortable stay at their place.

The featured attractions on your Rhodes Holidays have a lot of fascinating and historic places to visit. The Island of Rhodes is also home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Colossus of Rhodes. Although, the colossus was destroyed and does not exist anymore but still its rubble attracts a lot of tourists to see the historic aspects associated with it.

The beautiful beaches of Rhodes and the lovely golden sand have its own special charisma that fully mesmerizes tourists in order to make a perfect holiday for them. The beautiful water park known as The Faliraki Park is a main attraction for kids specially. It has several water slides and other water games to entertain visitors.

There are lots of museums in Rhodes which makes Rhodes Holidays ideas a perfect choice for museum and antique collection lovers. The Archaeological museum of Rhodes, Municipal art gallery, Palace of the Grand Master, The Aquarium Museum, Modern art museum and The Jewish Museum are all known for their exhibition of the invaluable antique items.

The Island of Rhodes provides state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate you on your Rhodes Holidays. The accessibility to hotels is also easy to and from the famous destinations in Rhodes. Paris Hotel and The Domus Studio are known hotels to stay in medieval town of Rhodes. A brief account of their services and standard is given below in order to ease you in making your decision.

Paris Hotel:

Paris hotel situated at the strategic point of the medieval town of Rhodes provides its customers with excellent lavishness at a reasonable cost. The rooms are comfortably furnished and the hotel provides with great Mediterranean accommodation in order to make your Rhodes Holidays convenient and memorable.

The hotel is situated at the heart of Medieval town of Rhodes so all sightseeing places can be visited conveniently. Frequent transport services are available to make your traveling a hassle free affair. However Municipality of Rhodes does not allow cars inside old town so you have to walk at least 300 meter. The owner can pick you up in case you have problems.

Official Website of Paris Hotel is

Domus Studio Hotel:

The Domus Studio hotel of Rhodes is one of the few hotels in Rhodes that provides you comfort at an affordable price. The rooms of the hotel are neat, clean and beautifully decorated to provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, facilities like Wifi internet, safe box, A/C, hair dryer etc are also provided in the room.

The hotel also has a bar where different drinks are served to enjoy with your friends. Beside these facilities, the accessibility to all the sightseeing places of Rhodes is also very convenient which makes this hotel a perfect choice for the tourists.

Official website of Domus Studio hotel is

Rhodes Holidays are known for remembering them for a lifetime. To make your holidays even more enjoyable, several Hotels in Rhodes are there to provide the top class services and facilities

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Top 5 things to do in the summer 2010

A large number of tourists pay frequent tours to Greece. This activity takes place mostly in the summer season when they book flights to spend their summer holidays on the picturesque Islands like Rhodes.

Rhodes fascinates its visitors by the charisma of its beautiful sands and multi colored waters. Similarly, it offers a wide range of accommodation solutions in certain hotels and restaurants.

Rhodes Holidays would offer relaxing sands, clean waters, quality hotels and restaurants, delicious meals and a lot of fun stuff in 2010. The future holidaymakers would love to carry out the following top five things in the summer of 2010:

Top 5 things to do on Rhodes Island

Rhodes Holidays menu for 2010 deals with a large number of amazing activities like swimming, worth-seeing places, appetizing meals, peace of mind and festivity etc. It would therefore be one of the marvelous Rhodes holidays ideas.

  • Swimming: The beautiful beach of Faliraki lined with fine sand offers great swimming activities for the forth coming holidaymakers. A lot of new swimming pools are under construction to provide superior swimming pleasures to their visitors.   You can enjoy swimming, water-sports, umbrellas, sun-beds, hotels, restaurants and bars on the golden sands and crystalline waters of Faliraki.
  • Worth Seeing Places: Some of the worth seeing places on Rhodes Island include Ladiko, Faliraki, Nikolas, Monolithos and Prassonissi. Here you can do anything you want; such as swimming, party, meals, dating, romance and a lot more fun activities.  You can also visit certain museums and hilly areas for the sake of exploration. Don’t worry about the accommodation as most of the hotels are providing comfy rooms on reasonable rates.
  • Serving greatly delicious foods: You can enjoy many new and delicious cuisines as a menu for 2010. Most of the hotels and restaurants along with certain fast food corners offer a wide variety of healthy meals of various origins. They make sure that during your holidays, you find each meal hundred times good and delicious.
  • Peace of Mind: Rhodes Holidays offers a lot for visitors who want to enjoy their holidays with peace of mind. There are many beautiful yet calm places in Rhodes that can accommodate every peace seeker. You should make your mind and book a flight to Rhodes to spend some peaceful holidays in 2010.
  • Partying on Rhodes Island: There are unique opportunities for the fun loving people who are willing to enjoy party at beautiful Island of Rhodes. It provides you with the facilities of each kind that your mind can even think of.

Also, it offers a wide range of activities like dance, music, famous DJs on decks, beer bars and attractive nightclubs to make your Rhodes Holidays a memorable experience.

It is recommended to visit Rhodes during peak season in order to fully enjoy the trip. So do not waste your time and make an in time booking to see the hormonal balance of history and modern life style in Rhodes.

Book your flight today and make your Rhodes Holidays memorable with lots of fun stuff and enchantment. This will certainly help you make your holidays more enjoyable by staying in hotels in Rhodes.

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Where to stay in Lardos – Rhodes

Rhodes Island, the largest of Dodecanese islands is located in the Aegean Sea. Rhodes is the major metropolis of Rhodes Island in Greek. Making triangle from north to south, Rhodes Town is located in the north-eastern part of the island. Having around 80,000 inhabitants, it is known since ancient times as the place of one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Colossus of Rhodes.

It is therefore an internationally recognized place for tourism. Rhodes is indeed a place full of ancient landmarks including Medieval City of Rhodes, Grand Master’s Palace, Acropolis of Rhodes and medieval shipwrecks. No doubt, all these factors combine together to make best Rhodes holidays ideas.

Lardos – Rhodes

Similarly, Lardos bay carries a splendid beach. Lardos is about sixty-five-kilometers away from the Rhodes town and around six-kilometers from Kiotari. Both the Lardos and Rhodes Island makes Rhodes Holidays more enjoyable and memorable.

If you are willing to make your Rhodes holidays outstanding this year, you must try these hotels. Because these hotels provides luxuries, dating, romance, delicious meals, dance clubs, enchanting music and everything you desire for. These hotels are highly recommended by the people who have visited them earlier.

Eloula Hotel

Eloula Hotel keeps a noteworthy position among various other hotels in Rhodes. It is because of its brilliant services and reasonable rates. This hotel during your Rhodes Holidays offers some of the elite amenities such as peaceful environment (accommodation), bravura front views, pool, bar and restaurant.

Additionally, its home-like environment with highly-cooperative staff makes it prominent among other hotels in Rhodes. Apart from this, some of the tourist destinations are quite near to this hotel. Even you may have no problem in hiring public transport facilities.

Moreover, the facilities of Eloula hotel can be availed during summer – May and October. Likewise, you can reserve your place either by visiting their website or else by calling.

Official Website:

Olive Garden Hotel

Olive Garden Hotel offers comfy, lavishness and best services beneath a single roof. Being in Lardos, Olive Garden Hotel is famous for its lovely views, family-friendly environment and excellent services. Its magically unique facilities like romance, entertainment and comfort will inspire you to extend your Rhodes Holidays.

It also carries swimming pools for both the youngsters and children. Anyone can jump into the cold and catchy water to amuse himself with the pleasures of swimming. This hotel deals with contemporary apartments ranging from two- to three beds with attached bathrooms, separate balconies and communication facilities. Similarly, it is quite safe for children as well.

You can also get to know a lot more information from its website whether it is about bedrooms, its rating, reservations or wine. So, book your flight today and visit along your family to enjoy the pleasures of a most beautiful island in Greece.

Official Website:

My Conclusion:

Making holidays memorable and full of fun is a dream of everybody in the world but some people can afford it and some can’t. Following this unique and up-to-date travel guide will for sure lead you to avail some of the most reasonable rates to spend your holidays in Rhodes and Lardos, Greece.

Plan your Rhodes Holidays today and make a booking in one of the leading hotels in Rhodes. The unique Hotels in Rhodes, Greece, will fill your life with fun and they’ll become an unforgettable memory

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Top 5 Attractions in Rhodes Town

It is needless to say that holidays in Rhodes are very exciting as lots of tourists visiting Rhodes Town every year already proved that.  Following are the Top 5 attractions for your Rhodes Holidays in Rhodes Town:

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum is one of the finest places to visit in Rhodes Town. This museum is located in the medieval building of the hospital of the Knights. Its construction began in 1440 and was completed in 1489. The museum exhibits the following collection of the ancient Ialysos of the Geometric and Classical periods:

  • Jewellery
  • Vases
  • Figurines
  • Metal Objects
  • Mosaic Floors
  • Hellenistic and Roman sculpture
  • Funerary Slabs

The museum lovers would definitely adore this place for the unique collection that this Archaeological Museum holds.

Street of the knights

The unique street of the knights adds to the charm of the Rhodes town and makes memories of your Rhodes Holidays everlasting. This street is known for the unique lodges and inns of the knights. The seven inns situated in the street of the knights represent the seven countries or tongues from where the knights came from. You can find the castle of the grand master at the top of the street.

Most of the grand masters were French, so they had a deep impact on the architecture of the place. People of all ages from all over the world come to see this place with great enthusiasm.

Palace of the Grand Master

The Rhodes Holiday idea gets even better when you think about visiting the Palace of the Grand Master. The palace was built by the knights of Saint Johns of Jerusalem in the seventh century.

During the Turkish occupation of the place in 1856, the palace got largely damaged by the explosion of powder magazine. Later the palace was restored after many alterations between 1937 and 1940. Thanks to the excellent supervision by the Italian architect Vittorio for its reconstruction.

Medieval Town

Your Rhodes Holidays cannot be completed without visiting the great Medieval Town of Rhodes. This Medieval town is characterized by UNESCO as a monument of world cultural heritage.

The beauty of Medieval town is that it makes you sit in a time machine and it feels that the time has stopped and you are in a different age. The town is surrounding a two part fortress which also is a place worth visiting. Within the Rhodes Medieval town, you can also visit:

  • Byzantine Museum
  • Pili Elefterias
  • Simis Square
  • Mosque of Suleiman
  • The Minaret of the Old City
  • The Great Hamam

Rhodini Park

Visiting the Rhodini Park literally makes your Rhodes Holidays perfect. Rhodini Park is also known as the first landscaped park of the world. The park is very densely wooded. The fresh air blowing carries the scent of pine, cypress and oleander. The beautiful green and shady stream flowing in between the bank of trees looks very stunning.

For children, the playground and a mini zoo are the main highlight of the park. The park has an ideal environment for the peacocks to breed and live freely.

You can make your Rhodes Holidays more enjoyable by staying in spacious and excellent Rhodes Hotels that will make your trip even more memorable

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Top 5 beaches on Rhodes Island

Most of the Rhodes holidaymakers along with their families are being attracted by the popularity offered by certain Greek Islands. One most common factor among them is enjoying especially at the shores of beaches. Their shining-water and sand both play an important role in this respect.

People coming along with their families are advised to visit Greek beaches/islands between June & October because this is the exact time to enjoy their Rhodes holidays with beautiful sands, crystal clear waters, hotels and restaurants, delicious meals and a lot of fun stuff.

Top five beaches on Rhodes Island

Rhodes offers a wide variety of astounding beaches that can be reached both easily and cheaply. A collection of picturesque shorelines with bunch of sands and crystalline waters along with a diverse range of pubs, bear-bars, and watersports are on offer by this island. It is therefore one of the best Rhodes holidays ideas.

Faliraki Beach:

One of the most popular beaches, Faliraki is situated in the north-east of Rhodes Island. Faliraki’s is quite near to the major city and its coastline deals with the heaven-like golden sands and crystal waters. This extended area of 4-kilometers offers people with watersports, sun beds, umbrellas, hotels & restaurants and certain bars during their Rhodes holidays.

Ladiko Beach:

Also known as Anthony Quinn Beach is a petite bay but it still carries gorgeous small beach. It will take about fifteen-kilometers from the Rhodes town and around three-kilometers from Filaraki to reach this beach.

Although, it is small yet it offers various attractions like superior sands, rocks, umbrellas, sun beds, along with fish Greek Tavernas. It is quite known among both the Italians and Greeks. During your holidays, you’ll find this beach a unique place to have some silence and peace of mind.

Nikolas Beach:

Nikolas Beach is one of the most popular beaches at a distance of about four-kilometers from Faliraki. Nikolas Beach is known for its golden brown sands and deep bluish waters. This place, during your Rhodes Holidays, is thought to be the best for swimming activities and sunbath. Moreover, the whole things regarding this beach are simply awesome – a pictorial land, having crystal blue waters surrounded by a variety of amazing rocks.

Monolithos Beach:

Another beautiful and peaceful beach, Monolithos, is located in the east of Rhodes Island. It covers a wide area and is enriched with dark sands and crystalline-blue waters. This beach covers the area from the south of Perissa to Monolithos village.

It offers holiday package with rental accommodations, hotels and restaurants along with delicious meals and snacks on the doorstep of the beach. You can visit this beach via car or by public buses.

Prassonissi Beach:

Being commonly known as the heaven of surfers, Prassonossi Beach is located at a distance of ninety-two-kilometers from Rhodes town and about forty-kilometers from Lindos.

It is indeed a calm sea having waves on its right. Also, it is one of the most inspiring beaches that attract the attention of surfers during their Rhodes Holidays. Additionally, you can hire surfboards & wetsuits to enjoy the diversity of this beach.

My  Conclusion

Almost all of the above mentioned beaches offer a wide variety of quality hotels and delicious meals. You don’t face any trouble in the booking of flights as well. Just book a flight and visit one or all these beaches and enjoy your holidays in Rhodes Island.

If you are desirous to make your Rhodes Holidays outstanding with lots of fun and enjoyment along with your family, then you mustn’t forget to stay in one of the luxurious hotels in Rhodes.

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Rhodes Holidays 2010 – What to do in Rhodes

Rhodes is the best place to spend summer holidays. Rhodes holidays give you a perfect amalgamation of fun, culture, heritage, nature and much more.

Aqua Park Faliraki

Aqua Park Faliraki is one of the largest water parks in Europe. It is located on the north-coast of Rhodes, in the popular resort of Faliraki. Water sports such as water surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, and a separate water park for kids is an amusement for people of all ages. If you want to relax and play, then you can go to the golf ground. For having luxury during Rhodes holidays, you can get cheap cruise of East Coast to the Island of Symi for a short visit.

Medieval town of Rhodes

Medieval town of Rhodes is exemplified by UNESCO as a memorial of world’s legacy. You can see different sort of architecture with tiled passages, under gateways and porticos, through squares and vague quad, adjacent to invulnerable fortifications and intricate churches in medieval town. The mesmerizing mixture of the past and present charms tourists and boost the urge to visit the whole city of Rhodes. 11 entrances are there for a visitor to enter the medieval town.

Aquarium – Rhodes town

Visiting the Aquarium in Rhodes town is one of the most fascinating Rhodes holidays ideas. It is situated in the south of Mandraki, in the part of Niohori and also recognized as the Hydro biological Station of Rhodes. Surrounded by a variety of species of aquatic life you can see species such as sea turtles, Anthozoa, Molluscs, crabs, Echinoderms and fishes.

Valley of the butterflies

Valley of the butterflies is famous for its spiritual chronological memorial, striking beaches and sun filled climate. It is an exclusive and influential natural park, where thousands of bright and vibrant butterflies come annually during summers. This valley has small ponds, wooden stairs and timber bridges on different places of the small river Pelekanos.

Sound and light show

Definitely Rhodes holidays pledges you a great deal of enjoyment and enthusiasm. Sound and Light show of Rhodes is a unique and distinctive type of theatre. Executed exclusive of performers, it consists of a convergence of phase deed, dialogue, melody and light with the structural design. This cheap entertainment will give you and your family a huge deal of joy.

Casino Rhodes town

The Casino is located in Rhodes town at a few minutes’ drive from Diagoras International airport and Rhodes harbor. The generous interiors of this remarkable structure present over 1,700 sq. meter of gaming area. The spacious gaming zone covering two stories will make your Rhodes holidays more exciting. The ground floor offers a mystifying collection of about 300 art slit equipments. There are 34 exclusive gaming tables in the upper floor.

A person should be 23 years of age or above to enter the casino and should show a valid passport to let in. Moreover no weapons are permitted and cameras are rigorously banned in the casino building.


Prasonissi beach is heaven for those who love water and waves. Prasonissi is situated on the end of the Rhodes Island, in its Southern point just 95 km away from the Rhodes town. Prasonissi beach offers a large open sea area on right and unfasten marine part of the seaside on left. The right side of beach presents exciting windsurfing opportunities for your Rhodes holidays. The 500m long strip connecting Prasonissi beach to Rhodes is sandy and provides an ideal rest location.

A large number of hotels in Rhodes offer quality services to make it a perfect place for spending your Rhodes holidays

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