Enjoying Rhodes Holidays in New Town, Rhodes

Rhodes New Town is a glowing destination famous for its wall to wall bars and chilled café culture, available at the Orfanidou Street, Neo Agora, Academy Square and enlightened Mandraki Harbor. You can avail a variety of stuff here during your Rhodes holidays that mainly include cocktails, waterfalls, palm trees, traditional and modern music with dance R&B. It is no doubt one of the best Rhodes holidays ideas to visit this place.

Historical Perspective of the Rhodes New Town

Although, the Rhodes New Town is not that new, yet it offers a lot more fun and entertainment especially during summer Rhodes holidays. History indicates that when the Greeks along with the Knights were banished out of the medieval city and its protective walls in 1522, they started establishing new neighborhoods towards the southern region named, Marasia. You can make best Rhodes holidays here during your trip.

This neighborhood was the collection of people who migrated from other countries as well as islands and settled in the north coast of the island. It is therefore one of the interesting ideas to make next Rhodes holidays at this blessed place. Apart from being referred as New Town, it was also known as Neohori. On your entrance to the New Town, you will feel yourself into a real modern city as compared to the walled ancient castle.

Most of this town was developed by the Italians when they dominated over the decayed Ottoman Empire. During Rhodes Holidays 2010, you can find many of the traffic lights, stores, mansions, apartment-type hotels and a blend of colorful motorcycles and cars. Moreover, this new town is also outstandingly taken care of and remarkably cleaned, as compared to the other Greek cities.

Places you can Visit at Rhodes New Town

Rhodes New Town contains a collection of many of the amazing tourist destinations, where you can have joy of life, whether you are with your family, friends, children, romance, couples or even alone.

One among the major attractions of the area includes the New Market, which is close to the port. It is primarily a huge 7-sided infrastructure that carries an outdoor major courtyard; where there was once a medieval fish market in the large exhibition area with the fish decorations. You can also find many of the fancy cafés in front of the market, where you can get plenty of things.

Similarly, you can also find a number of shops inside and outside the building. Likewise, it offers a superb gourmet deli, which is quite next to the fine traditional ouzerie Indigo, with a variety of restaurants. It is the place, where you can find cuts of lamb & pork and chickens at anytime you want.

There is also a shaded park area among the New Market and the entry point of the Old City, where you can find shells, sponges, beads and jewelry. You can also hire services of painters to make your caricatures during your trip. It will therefore be an amazing tour if you visit all such destinations of the New Town Rhodes.

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