Holidays at the Kolymbia Resort

Rhodes being a popular island of Greece offers many sightseeing opportunities but Kolymbia Resort is one of the top sites for tourists visiting from across Europe and rest of the world. This summer Rhodes holidays resort at a considerable distance of 26 kilometers from the main city of Rhodes, offers various features and facilities.

Holidays at Kolymbia resort will provide you with public transport, umbrellas, food, sun beds and hotels so that you can have best Rhodes holidays in the region. Therefore, it is one of the top order Rhodes holidays ideas to make a picnic at such a unique place.

On reaching at the end of the Italian-built Eucalyptus Road, while seeing a beach carrying multiple rows of red & yellow umbrellas, you should know that you’ve reached at the exact destination called Kolymbia or Kolympia. Primarily, it is a hotel resort, which is similar to the nearby Faliraki resort, but it is quite calm. The Kolymbia Hotels are much famous among the German families.

You can also find a chief beach of the area, which is right below the Eucalyptus Road, while on the right and left sides of the vicinity, there are hotels carrying their private beaches. Moreover, the beach is quite well organized and carries fine sand and pebbles to attract tourists from around the world. Rhodes holidays 2011 offer Kolymbia or Kolympia resort as an ideal place for a wonderful familial vacation.

Although, the resort is a low profile seaside destination, yet the neighboring Seven Springs or Epta Piges is quite greenish vicinity. Similarly, the midway location of the resort between Rhodes makes it an interesting tourist destination, where you can enjoy both the cosmopolitan centers. Jet Ski is the most famous sport of this area.

This discreet coastal attraction however, does not offer showy luxury of other resorts like Ixia or Faliraki. However, you will find many of the top hotels with few of the shops and restaurants in the area. Hence, it is a peaceful resort for relaxation seekers especially for the families and couples, where they can have quality time of their life, which is perhaps unforgettable.

How to Access Kolymbia Resort?

You can access this fabulous resort after covering about 20 kilometers distance from the Rhodes town and less than 30 kilometers distance from the ancient town of Lindos from the eastern coastal side of Island Rhodes.

The famous and top quality hotel of the area is the Niriides Hotel that offers huge comfort lounge areas, where you can enjoy watching television and music. Here, you can find both the national and international cuisines with beer, pool and snack bars. There is also a Mini Market and a Private Parking area for your convenience.

Furthermore, you can make your trip to Kolymbia more successful as well as interesting if you could avail all the brimming opportunities and facilities in this area. You are advised to book your flight in summers to enjoy all pleasures of Greek life in the region with your families, couples and children.

Island Rhodes offers one of the Best Rhodes Holidays, where you can find many of the copious facilities mainly including Hotels in Rhodes at quite low rates.

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