Archangelos Village

Rhodes with a variety of mesmerizing tourist destinations also keeps a range of some of the most amazing sights. One among them is the beautiful Archangelos Village that offers a wide range of fun and entertainment activities especially during summer Rhodes holidays. Your holidays would really be more attractive if you could visit this village once during your trip.

Being one of the top Rhodes holidays ideas, the astounding Archangelos village is situated on the eastern coast of the island – at the south of Rhodes City. During next Rhodes holidays, you can enjoy watching narrow streets, picturesque squares and houses in the village. Moreover, the friendly nature and kindness of its citizens will provide you with the charm of best Rhodes holidays during this trip.

Although, the village is one among the largest villages of whole Rhodes Island, yet its population is astonishingly low as 6000 people. The people of this village are quite faithful when it comes to the local customs and traditions. Therefore, you will enjoy your Rhodes Holidays 2011 to the maximum extent you can, because this village is full of a variety of wonders that are yet to be explored.

Things on offer at Archangelos Village

You will witness locals of the area still baking bread with the help of traditional wood fired ovens. Similarly, the marriages are also held as per the traditional system, in the squares of the houses. Moreover, the village’s idiom has been preserved and is still been practiced by a number of local people.

Apart from this, you can also witness the traditional art of pottery and carpet-making; which is still under process by few of the citizens. Furthermore, the high leather boots are still worn by the locals. Likewise, the churches of the Archangel Michael and of Saint John, both dominate the village.

You can find a fine bell tower of the 19th century at the church of Archangel, whereas, the church of Saint John keeps charming paintings of the 14th century. All such collections make this place ideal for tourists visiting from across the world. The village also contains some of the picturesque streets as they contain traditional houses. These houses are beautifully bedecked with vibrant colors.

Moreover, the appealing ceramic plates used on the arches and walls of these houses are acquired from the village of Lindos. You can also locate a post office on the major square of this amazing village. It also carries banks along with a health care center and taxi stand. You should not get worried about your stay and meals as it offers some of the best accommodations with a blend of cafes and taverns in the area.

Furthermore, you can also visit the castle of Saint John, which was established by the Knights. It can be accessed after covering a walking distance of 10 to 20 minutes on the hilltop from the village of Archangelos. You are therefore highly recommended to visit this place during your visit because you can not locate such a nice blend of everything on any other place as compared to the village of Archangelos.

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