Best Beaches to visit in the South of Rhodes

There are a variety of most appealing beaches in the southern region of Island Rhodes. This land is blessed with a wide range of natural beauties in the form of enchanting places, forests, eye catching sandy beaches and multi-colored waters. It is therefore a best Rhodes holidays spot for the production of marvelous Rhodes holidays [...]

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Top 5 Restaurants for Rhodes Holidays

Rhodes is a famous Greek island and a well-known holiday destination that offers many fun and exiting activities to the tourists. Rhodes has a beautiful location and has become a focus for tourists in the recent years. The beaches of Rhodes are well known for their exotic beauty and plenty of sunshine. Rhodes can be [...]

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Top 5 places to visit in Medieval Town Rhodes

The ancient Rhodes Town has a unique history over a long span of time. It has remained under the domination of St John (Jerusalem) from 1309 to 1523.  Later on; it was dominated by the Turkish and Italian rulers. Spending your Rhodes Holidays on this unique place is no more a dream now.
This place is [...]

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Top 5 things you have to know for your wedding on Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island is not just prosperous in archeological legacy but also in its customs and traditions. The weddings in Greece are filled with traditions and cultural attributes. This is the reason why many foreigners choose to arrange their weddings on Rhodes Island. Rhodes holidays ideas are the perfect one especially when it comes to preparing [...]

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Top 5 things to do with kids at Rhodes Holidays 2010

Whenever we talk about a family holiday, children are always the “Centre of Attention”. Holidays in Rhodes would be one of the best to take you kids for recreation. Following are the Top 5 things that you can do with your kids at your Rhodes Holidays in 2010 or whenever you feel like going:
Aqua Park [...]

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Top 5 things to do in the summer 2010

A large number of tourists pay frequent tours to Greece. This activity takes place mostly in the summer season when they book flights to spend their summer holidays on the picturesque Islands like Rhodes.
Rhodes fascinates its visitors by the charisma of its beautiful sands and multi colored waters. Similarly, it offers a wide range of [...]

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Top 5 Attractions in Rhodes Town

It is needless to say that holidays in Rhodes are very exciting as lots of tourists visiting Rhodes Town every year already proved that.  Following are the Top 5 attractions for your Rhodes Holidays in Rhodes Town:
Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum is one of the finest places to visit in Rhodes Town. This museum is located in [...]

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Top 5 beaches on Rhodes Island

Most of the Rhodes holidaymakers along with their families are being attracted by the popularity offered by certain Greek Islands. One most common factor among them is enjoying especially at the shores of beaches. Their shining-water and sand both play an important role in this respect.
People coming along with their families are advised to visit [...]

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