Accommodation options for Tourists in Faliraki, Rhodes Island

Faliraki is a famous place in Rhodes Island Greece, which is tagged as seaside resort and a beautiful place for holidaymakers. Sea view along with island’s majestic cliffs makes an ideal scene to look at. To feel the beauty of this splendid place, which has sand, water, greenery, cliffs and many more, you need plenty [...]

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Where to stay during Faliraki holidays?

Faliraki is the largest and one of the most popular resorts of Rhodes Island, Greece. It is situated at the northeastern part of Rhodes. Over the past few years, many tourists and foreigners are visiting this place especially to enjoy their vacations. Due to its exotic beaches and resorts it has attracted a large no [...]

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A Trip to the Hospice of St. Catherine in Old Town Rhodes

Located in the old Rhodes Town, the Hospice of St. Catherine was developed in 1391-1392 under the supervision of grand master Heredia, by the Italian Domenico d’Allemagna who was the admiral of the Order of the Knights of St. John (Knights Hospitaller).
According to the foundation charter of the Hospice (1391) it was established near the [...]

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Top 10 activities to do during Rhodes Holidays 2011

I was very busy the last weeks, and was not able to post a new article. Now I am back, and it will be one of the best Rhodes holidays ideas to make your Rhodes holidays more memorable by enjoying below activities in Rhodes:
1. Pictorial Beauty
Tourists most loved activity in Rhodes is to enjoy the [...]

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Rhodes Vacation at the West Coast of Rhodes

A wide range of vehicles including buses and cabs can be availed while visiting prehistoric sites in Island Rhodes. But one of the best and quite cheap means for enjoying your Rhodes vacation is to hire a car to see Rhodes for its coastline. Similarly, one of the most appreciated ways to explore the east [...]

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Enjoying Rhodes Holidays in Ixia

At a distance of 5-kilometers in the south-west of Rhodes City, there is a quite known tourist destination named, Ixia. This destination offers one of the top-class accommodations and superb leisure activities to make your Rhodes Holidays 2010 a memorable event in your life.
Due to its close proximity from the airport, it takes a short [...]

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Where to stay in Rhodes Town – Rhodes Island

Rhodes Town
Being one of the large cities in Greek, Rhodes Town has become an economic and cultural hub of the south-eastern Aegean. With a rich-historical background, Rhodes Island is considered to be one of the most popular Mediterranean resorts.
Its naturally beautiful surroundings, crystalline waters, eye-catching sands and a number of beautiful tourist spots make your [...]

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Where to stay in Medieval Town Rhodes

The great Island of Rhodes is an exciting place for having a perfect holiday. People from all over the world prefer to go for Rhodes Holidays for the recreational opportunities that it offers. This medieval town of Rhodes has a lot of beautiful hotels and resorts to serve the accommodation needs of the tourists. These [...]

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Where to stay in Lardos – Rhodes

Rhodes Island, the largest of Dodecanese islands is located in the Aegean Sea. Rhodes is the major metropolis of Rhodes Island in Greek. Making triangle from north to south, Rhodes Town is located in the north-eastern part of the island. Having around 80,000 inhabitants, it is known since ancient times as the place of one [...]

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