Accommodation options for Tourists in Faliraki, Rhodes Island

Faliraki is a famous place in Rhodes Island Greece, which is tagged as seaside resort and a beautiful place for holidaymakers. Sea view along with island’s majestic cliffs makes an ideal scene to look at. To feel the beauty of this splendid place, which has sand, water, greenery, cliffs and many more, you need plenty [...]

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Where to stay during Faliraki holidays?

Faliraki is the largest and one of the most popular resorts of Rhodes Island, Greece. It is situated at the northeastern part of Rhodes. Over the past few years, many tourists and foreigners are visiting this place especially to enjoy their vacations. Due to its exotic beaches and resorts it has attracted a large no [...]

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Enjoy your Holidays in the Hotels of Faliraki, Rhodes Island

The Island of Rhodes (Greece) has become the focus of thousands of people who love to spend their holidays in a worth-remembering way. It has many beaches around the place but Faliraki is one of the most popular among visitors. Due to its beauty and popularity, everyone loves to go there and enjoy their time [...]

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Enjoying luxury stay in Faliraki, Rhodes Island

When there are vacations, there is a chance to hang out and enjoy that lovely time by living in a comfortable place. Going to Greece and spending time in Rhodes Island is a lifetime chance to enjoy your vacations in a memorable way. Faliraki is one of the most popular villages on Rhodes Island, where [...]

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Sightseeing Opportunities during Rhodes Holidays 2011

If you are going to plan your upcoming Rhodes holidays 2011, no matter which part of the year it is, and you want to make them the best then don’t forget to avail different sightseeing opportunities in the area. Rhodes being a popular travel destination offers contrasting flavors of villages, beaches and historical places. It [...]

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Visiting Damatria village

Although, the amazing Greek Island of Rhodes is a carrier of many beautiful places, but yet, there are also some of the most astounding villages that can fill your Rhodes holidays 2011 with great fun and entertainment. One among these superb villages is the traditional village of Damatria, where, like other villages of Rhodes; you [...]

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Archangelos Village

Rhodes with a variety of mesmerizing tourist destinations also keeps a range of some of the most amazing sights. One among them is the beautiful Archangelos Village that offers a wide range of fun and entertainment activities especially during summer Rhodes holidays. Your holidays would really be more attractive if you could visit this village [...]

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Visiting the castle of Monolithos

History and Location of Monolithos
Monolithos – Μονόλιθος, being a petite mountainous village is located 77 kilometers from the capital, which can be accessed in the south-west of Rhodes Island. With a population of 134 inhabitants, this unique village with its beautiful mountains offer one of the best summer Rhodes holidays in the region.
The name for [...]

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A Trip to the Hospice of St. Catherine in Old Town Rhodes

Located in the old Rhodes Town, the Hospice of St. Catherine was developed in 1391-1392 under the supervision of grand master Heredia, by the Italian Domenico d’Allemagna who was the admiral of the Order of the Knights of St. John (Knights Hospitaller).
According to the foundation charter of the Hospice (1391) it was established near the [...]

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Top 3 Festivals One Should Not Miss

Located in the heart of the sapphire Aegean Sea and in the center of Dodecanese complex, the beautiful Rhodes Island welcomes tourists from all over the world. With the passage of time, Rhodes has become a hub of tourist industry across Europe. People from different parts of the world come and stopover this place with [...]

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