Visiting Profitis Ilias during Rhodes Holidays

Profitis Ilias is an alluring land of wild flowers and pine trees on Island Rhodes. While visiting this place under the shelter of trees, you can access the monastery of Prophet Elias. During your course, you will also come across the Italian built Swiss Chalet style hotels called Elafos and Elafina. If you visit Profitis Ilias in the early spring, you can enjoy fog veiling the whole forest.

Profitis Ilias is the second highest mountain in Rhodes. It is located at a distance of 6 kilometers from Salakos, and is about 798 meters high. In order to enjoy Rhodes Holidays two Italian built luxury hotels can be found in the middle of the mountain. These hotels are meant for amusement and weekends of hunting in the hills.

Built in alpine chalet style, these hotels after the completion of their renovation were reopened in April 2006. One of the best Rhodes holidays ideas prompts you to have a cup of coffee and refreshing drinks in an old stable which is acting as a Kafenion nowadays. At a little distance to these hotels, you can access the monastery of Profitis Ilias.

Both Hotel Elafos and Hotel Elafina located on the top of Profitis Ilias Mountain were built by Italians in the 19th century. Both buildings have same architecture. You are advised to visit them during day times. You will enjoy driving between beautiful small villages and olive groves.

Hotel Elafos was constructed in 1928, primarily as a HQ for Mussolini. This hotel is entirely unique as it is established deep in the woods. It will be a good area for walkers who want to celebrate their best Rhodes holidays.

The Hotel Elafina was constructed in 1932 with the aim to complement Hotel Elafos. However this hotel is relatively smaller in size. Similar to Hotel Elafos, it uses Swiss chalet styled architecture.

Some of the excellent food items are available here. You can stay or even get married here. It carries a children play ground as well. Hence, it is a calm and peaceful destination for your Rhodes holidays to be celebrated upon. The hotels are easily accessible and it takes about an hour from Lindos or Rhodes Town by road to reach them.

The unique statues of Dama Dama deer are placed on Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes Town and are a specialty of Rhodes. Hotel Elafos is going to re-introduce these fabulous statues into the woods.

Profitis Ilias possesses fresh water from the local spring, Nymph. Being a major source of water supply to the Rhodes City, it can be seen in this lush-green area.

Apart from its delicious meals this tourist destination carries some of the highly facilitated and cozy accommodations like Nymphi Hotel of category B. Among the restaurants Kafenion Sintivani, Taverna Meni and Grill Restaurant Michalis are quite famous.

You are highly recommended to visit this site and enjoy next Rhodes holidays with far more fun, entertainment and enjoyment along with your families and children. You will really enjoy at this place as it welcomes you warmly.

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