Visiting the Church of Panagia in Lindos during Rhodes Holidays

Rhodes Island besides many other attractions is a land of natural beauty that catches a large number of tourists every year from different parts of the world. People mostly from across Europe visit this island during summer Rhodes holidays to enjoy their lives with full freedom. Your Rhodes holidays will be more fun and entertainment if you visit this place with an intention to explore many other unique Rhodes holidays ideas.

History of Panagia

Panagia or Panag(h)ia was one of the names of the Greek Orthodox, which was used for God’s Mother. According to the Orthodox art, the term Panaghia represents an icon that highlights Virgin Mary with the Christ Child.

Location of the Chruch

Located on the left side of the road, leading towards the Lindos Acropolis, you can find the church of Panagia at just a few minutes’ walk from the chief square into the labyrinth of Lindos alleys. It is an amazing place that attracts you to stop here for a while to have a glance at its beauty. It is one of the most appealing sites on Rhodes, where you can have best Rhodes holidays.

Housed under the shadow of high walls and a petite courtyard, this medieval church was first established in 1300, but was later renovated for various times. One of its most significant reconstructions was carried out in the era of Grand Master Pierre d’Aubusson (1476 to 1503), which was one among the Knights of Rhodes – Order of St. John. Similarly, most recently, it was renovated under the domination of Italians in 1927.

It is therefore, a worth seeing site for your next holidays in Rhodes. Your Rhodes holidays 2010 would really be more fun and entertainment if you visit this amazing church of the medieval times. One of its most significant features (external) is the apartment building, which is a typical kind of Dodecanese and Rhodian basilicas with a stone built bell tower.

One of its major buildings carries a cross-shaped sketch placed over by an octagonal dome, red byzantine tiles roof and whitewashed walls. The interior floor of the church contains an excellent pebble mosaic – hohlaki, which was quite famous among the Rhodian traditional architectures. Whereas, the front carries a highly decorated wooden carved iconostasis along with a Bishop’s throne.

You can also witness large bronze layered candle chandelier hanging above the roof. You will really enjoy the 19th century qualitative wall frescoes, highlighting biblical views. Similarly, you can also find barrel-vaulted roof with a dome covered with amazing works of the renowned Gregorios of Symi that date back to 1779. They depict icons of Jesus, Mary and some other saints.

When you are returning back to the other side of the church, you can find a big and colorful painting highlighting tale of the Last Judgment, which is available above the doorway. You can also find a unique device of the Grand Master (D’Aubusson), which is available on the western door of the church. Moreover, it also carries an inscription that dates back to 1489 or 1490.

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