Visiting Damatria village

Although, the amazing Greek Island of Rhodes is a carrier of many beautiful places, but yet, there are also some of the most astounding villages that can fill your Rhodes holidays 2011 with great fun and entertainment. One among these superb villages is the traditional village of Damatria, where, like other villages of Rhodes; you can find almost everything of your necessities during your stay in the region.

Location of the Damatria Village

Situated on the western coast, being at 20 kilometers’ distance from the capital, Damatria is a picturesque village of the Greek Island of Rhodes Island. Being a known part of the Municipality of Petaloudes, it owns a populace of hardly 489 people. It is therefore an ideal place for making best Rhodes holidays, where you can generate enthralling Rhodes holidays ideas during your stay.

Said to be the only Rhodes village, Damatria dates back to the Dorian era of the 11th century (B.C.). Numerous excavations inside the surrounding area reveal perpetual habitation in the area for more than 3,000 years. According to the historians, the name for this medieval village was actually acquired by the sanctuary of the Goddess Dimitra of the Greek religion of Polytheism, which was established in the area.

You will find this typically traditional village packed with multi-level homes belonging to prosperous Damatrians, who always preferred living in their village of their birth. It is hence a best summer Rhodes holidays resort with some of the natural springs dotted hither and thither. During your holidays in Rhodes, you can also witness a memorial of the 2nd World War, which is available in the region in the shape of Italian headquarters.

Apart from this, you can witness some of the prehistoric basilicas with a variety of old relics and sites in this lush green and fertile village especially during your next Rhodes holidays.

How to Access Damatria Village?

Although Damatria is a quite low populated and low profile area, yet it can be easily accessed from the city center village. You can approach it after covering less than 20 Kilometers’ distance from the City Center and about 5 kilometers distance from the Airport.

Moreover, your amazing trip to the enthralling village of Damatria will make your life more amusing. You can visit this area anytime round the year but summer is the best and perhaps exact time to come here especially with families and couples so that you can have a memorable time here in this land. The unspoiled beauty and the beautiful landscape attract many tourists every year from across the world.

People desire to go for unique places during their holidays so that they can disconnect themselves from the hectic routines of their daily lives. They use to find out such resorts, which are packed with all sorts of amenities and luxuries to provide them with home like environment – in other words, a home outside the home. Damatria Village is such a place, where you can find peace of mind with all luxurious amenities.

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