Top 10 activities to do during Rhodes Holidays 2011

I was very busy the last weeks, and was not able to post a new article. Now I am back, and it will be one of the best Rhodes holidays ideas to make your Rhodes holidays more memorable by enjoying below activities in Rhodes:

1. Pictorial Beauty

Tourists most loved activity in Rhodes is to enjoy the pictorial beauty of the region. You can enjoy watching lush green fields, trees, forests and beautiful landscapes. This natural beauty will leave everlasting impacts on your mind. It is therefore a great fun to enjoy natural beauty of Rhodes during your Rhodes holidays.

2. Historical Sites

Visiting medieval sites would be the second most alluring activity on Rhodes Island in 2010. These ancient places will take you back into the history to explore some of the wonders of ancient times. This place is a must see for history and art lovers during next Rhodes holidays.

3. Rhodes Accommodations

The other fascinating activity is to hire one of the many top Rhodes accommodations close to the beautiful sites. For the convenience of its tourists, Rhodes has established a range of luxurious and appealing hotels where you can stay as well as avail delicious cuisines during Rhodes holidays 2010.

4. Sight Seeing

Sight seeing is one of the most charming activities on Rhodes Island. Tourists from around the world see many of the eye catching sites in the region both renovated and with natural beauty. Most of the tourists from around the globe come to Rhodes with an intention to visit these breathtaking sites.

5. Wind Surfing

The continuous breeze of the island makes its weather ideal for wind surfing. Winder surfers can now avail this activity in most parts of the Island to make best Rhodes holidays. It will be a fascinating activity to take all its pleasures.

6. Water Sports

Waters Sports is another top activity being offered by many of the beaches in Rhodes. This activity can be availed by anyone. During this activity, you can take pleasures of the layers of the sea water while watching aquatic life inside. It is hence a full of life activity that will make your vacations perfect.

7. Monasteries

Another top activity for 2010 is to visit top monasteries of the region. These monasteries of the medieval times are the symbol of history. Visiting these places will give you an idea about the real Greek culture.

8. Beaches

Rhodes Island is known for its sunny beaches so another offer in this regard is to visit different beaches of Rhodes. There are natural as well as developed beaches where you can enjoy sun bathing, water sports, beach activities and a lot more. Rhodes world famous beaches will influence your memories to prompt you visit them again.

9. Food

If you are a food lover then you are at the right place. You can visit beachside taverns and other hotels and restaurants to enjoy tasty Greek as well as international food.

10. Relaxing

Peace seekers will also enjoy their time in Rhodes as it offers them some peaceful spots. Once can relax in the beachside or other tranquil parts of the island.

Rhodes Holidays 2011 offer some great activities on Island Rhodes. You can book your stay in one of the top quality Hotels in Rhodes. If you are looking for Greece Packages, visit The owner of this website have a Travel Agency on Rhodes Island.

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