Visiting the castle of Monolithos

History and Location of Monolithos

Monolithos – Μονόλιθος, being a petite mountainous village is located 77 kilometers from the capital, which can be accessed in the south-west of Rhodes Island. With a population of 134 inhabitants, this unique village with its beautiful mountains offer one of the best summer Rhodes holidays in the region.

The name for this village has been derived from a 240 meters high rock – lithos in Greek. This rock carries a fortress on its top, from where the view seems really beautiful. It is one of the plentiful Rhodes holidays ideas because of its unspoiled beauty that surrounds it from all over. It is perhaps because of the low rate tourist developments in the area. Moreover, it is an ideal place for next Rhodes holidays.

Attractions in the Village of Monolithos

Sianna is the closest village to the Monolithos, which is about 5 kilometers away. Similarly, the Embonas village is about 17 kilometers away from the vicinity. Monolithos is brimming with a diverse range of attractions mainly including the castle of Monolithos along with its two petite ancient chapels, where you can also avail worth seeing frescoes and remarkable views.

Some other attractions of the area include the monasteries of Aghios Ioannis, Saint Aghios Isidoros and Aghios Georgios. You can also find the Apolakià Dam at a distance of about 10 kilometers from the village with a beautiful pine forest. It is therefore a place, where you can have best Rhodes holidays.

There are also two amazing beaches near Monolithos named as the Glyfada beach and Fourni beach. Moreover, the quite famous beach of Prassonissi is located about 30 kilometers towards the south of Monolithos.

The Castle of Monolithos

Located near the Monolithos Village, the castle is available on the high top of a craggy rock that dominates the view. During Rhodes holidays 2010, if you wish to visit this castle, the area offers a smooth drive to the foot of the mountain, where you can park the car at a convenient place, and following narrow petite steps all the way up to the peak will lead to the castle.

Said to be one among the four quite powerful castles of the medieval times on the island, you can only find the external walls fortifications of the castle of Monolithos today. You can find two chapels (15th century) of St. George and St. Panteleimon inside the boundary of the walls. While witnessing ruins, you can easily notice that the fortress was actually established on the remains of another, ancient castle.

Apart from visiting ruins or the churches on the top, you can also take pleasures of the amazing scenes of beautiful landscape, uncountable hills, Akramytis Mountain and the village of Monolithos below.

You will really enjoy your visit to the village of Monolithos. The castle of Monolithos will fascinate you. Moreover, this trip with a range of enchanting activities will fill your life with lots of delights that you will hardly find in any other holiday package.

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