Enjoying Christmas in Rhodes Island, Greece

Enjoy this Christmas during Rhodes holidays. The one and only Mediterranean island, which welcomes you with open arms to a lavish holiday experience. The charm and charisma of Rhodes Island will capture your feelings and make you enjoy a memorable part of your holidays. The island never ceases to allure a large number of tourists, [...]

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Enjoying Rhodes Holidays at the beach of Kalithea

One of the astounding Rhodes beaches Kalithea beach is located at about 11 kilometers’ distance in the south towards Rhodes town and around 7 kilometers in the east towards the beautiful Koskinou Village and the City of Rhodes. You can have best Rhodes holidays while enjoying medieval infrastructures of the spa that date back to [...]

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Tips For Safe Rhodes Holidays

Rhodes is one of the top tourist destinations being visited by a large number of tourists every year. However you need to have certain precautionary measures to secure you during your Rhodes holidays. Following is the categorical list of tips that will help you protect from various calamities and damages especially during summer Rhodes holidays [...]

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