Visiting Afandou Golf Course

Location of the Afandou Golf Course
The astounding Afandou Gold Course is situated on the Greek’s beautiful island of Rhodes. It is primarily a coastal golf course which remained a challenge due to its maintenance because of its tricky water supply. It invites tourists from around the world to have a glance at its beautiful course [...]

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Visiting the Castles of Rhodes during Rhodes Holidays

The beautiful Rhodes Island, Greece is blessed with some of the unique places where tourists from around the world come and enjoy during their Rhodes Holidays. It offers Rhodes Holidays ideas fully packed with beautiful sites and great facilities.
Following are some of the famous castles on Island Rhodes that will make your Rhodes holidays more [...]

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Visiting the Ancient Amphitheatre of Lindos

Greece has become a hub of tourist industry across Europe. People from different ethnic origins come and visit this place with their families, friends, children, love or else alone. This Island offers a range of facilities and services to its visitors. You need not to worry about accommodation or hygienic foods because Rhodes carries solution [...]

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Ecofilms Festival in Rhodes Town

The Rhodes Island which is world famous for its astounding beauty has everything you need for a perfect holiday. The land is known as the island of roses and has impressive sceneries that attract the tourists from all around the world. If you are planning to have your Rhodes holidays here then besides its natural [...]

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